Links & Reading

Recommended Reading on Shibas

  • Shiba Inus - A Complete Pet Owners Manual - Laura Payton
  • The Complete Shiba Inu - Maureen Atkinson
  • The Total Shiba - Gretchen Haskett & Susan Houser

Raw Feeding

Our current Shiba litters are fourth generation raw fed. Having not personally owned a dog before, and only knowing of comercially prepared kibbles and canned diets I was breifly taken aback at the prospect of feeding raw . After a lot of reading  and research, I cannot imagine allowing our dogs to eat anything else. All current litters born here will be fourth generation raw fed from birth. There are a few pre-made raw diets available in the Maritimes, please check out the following links to learn more

There are two commercially prepared raw diets that I have experience with. Availablity varies depending on your location. I would recommend both. Both of their websites have a wealth of information as well.

Carnivora is available Canada wide and is from Saskatoon. Their site is full of feeding and product information, for feeding your dogs and cats! There is a distributor in Nova Scotia, as well as one for New Brunswick and PEI.

Totally Raw Natural Dog Food is a local Nova Scotia Company. Their products  availble in  Truro and Halifax area stores, they do have delivery schedules on the weekend in Nova Scotia, and they also have a distributor in New Brunswick as well. 

We are members in good standing with:
Shiba Inu Canada
Canadian Kennel Club