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My name is Laura Matheson and I fell in love with this beautiful breed after my husband insisted that if we were getting a dog, a Shiba or an Akita were the only options to go with. (He had both growing up) So after determining perhaps it would be smart to see how we got along with the smaller of the two first,  I started my search online for the right breeder. (We still plan on adding an Akita to our family when the righ time comes) After contacting a few Shiba breeders about upcoming litters I received an email from Sue Beattie of Akanami Shibas, whom I had previously contacted regarding a puppy. How lucky for us that she also lives in the Maritimes. I had seen all sorts of pictures of Shibas, but hadn't been fortunate enough to meet one in person. What a sight to be greeted at the door by a group of little red smiling faces.  Needless to say I left Sue's house after a few hours with a promise to come back in 6 weeks to pick up our new baby girl.  Sue has become a great friend, and I can't thank her enough for  our wonderful furkids, and her teaching and patience with my abilities  as a handler in the show ring!
When Sue asked if I'd be interested in showing Kaya a bit, I certainly didn't imagine it would turn into this. I'm hooked now and cannot imagine my life without  being able to head to the confirmation shows and obedience trials.

If you have any questions about having a Shiba in your home, feel free to email me. And I will happily send my phone number to chat by phone. I prefer not to have that info in the public domain.

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BISS AKC/CKC/CFC Ch. Arisu's I'm Your Man
In the ring with Cheryl Mamiya at a parent specialty in the USA
Photo credit Lynda Beam